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Designers shake up Milan Fashion Week with color and embroidery

Eye-popping color palette not to dull in fall and winter
Eye-popping color palette not to dull in fall and winter
Women's Fashion / FILIPPO MUTANI

Looks like Italian fashion designers will be taking center stage to build their country's fashion industry. Reported yesterday, Italy's National Chamber of Fashion has been on a mission to promote their clothing and accessory industry. Helping to propel the marketing will be left to the most influential Italian designers.

Geometric, Color and Embroidery are huge hits for fashion.
Alessandro Bianchi/Rueters

Designers such as Prada, Fausto Puglisi, to the famous Versace, and classic Giorgio Armani, will help carry the Italian fashion industry to a new level.

CNMI said, its clothing industry is forecasted to reach more than "$85.91 billion dollars in 2014." Although the country has been experiencing political turmoil. Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani said, amid what's taking place in our government, the industry is something that continues to be positive.

Talk about focusing in. Armani created a collection for a young and modern demographic. The models were decked out in a techno-savvy color collection. They donned "voluminous trousers pinstriped with lines of pearls, plexiglass neckties and oversized bowler hats," according to Reuters.

But have you seen the stellar a-line skirts emerging on the runways? Look no further than Puglisi to set that fashion trend.

Puglisi's a-line skirts featured on Milan's runway were chalk full of fun. People will be drawn to them like a kid in a candy store. One in particular that made a huge debut is filled with tons of color and fancy embroidery. The skirt also had just enough sparkle and bounce for that 'Sex In the City' look. Although designer prices can be out of reach for some, don't worry, we found a designer that won't break the bank, but is still fashion forward.

Designer Lisa Hall, owner of MademeHall, offers a similar Puglisi skirt type with tons of color and embroidery, with a cost of $120. All clothing is designed and made by her. Sales are online and ship from India. Examiner spoke exclusively with designer Hall who said her designs are made for the middle class.

"Luxe fabrics, such as velvet have been used exclusively by India's ruling classes for years," said Hall. Adding, "but seen in this modern, short skirt, it signifies the aspirational middle classes new found wealth and accessibility to luxury textiles and love of current fashion trends."

If you're looking to stay warm, and comfortable while fashionable this winter, look no further than Prada's collection for inspiration. A garment icon known for confidence.

Prada showcased warm luxurious coats, sweaters and dresses filled with geometric patterns, and some with knee high boots. She made sure to spice up those winter blues.

Although the Milan Fashion Week has brought a new way of contrasting colors and embroidery, it surely is just the beginning of something huge for Italy's fashion industry. And Armani made sure to share a few words for the new Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.

Armani said, the prime minister needs to pay "close attention" because the fashion industry is set to take off in 2014. Pretty sure the designers were able to shake up Milan's Fashion Week with color and embroidered infused collections, and telling their president what to watch for.

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