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Designers, How to Increase Your Sales Through Online Marketplaces

Online Marketplaces
Online Marketplaces
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For designers there are many places to sell their designs online. While some designers have huge success online, there are many talented ones that just don’t get to the sales numbers they deserve. The reason is that these designers might not be aware of what works and what doesn’t when selling through online marketplaces.

If you're a web designer or graphic designer you can of course set up your own website and start selling your products on your own site. But you might be better off with established selling platforms by setting up your store in an online marketplace that specializes in such services.

These marketplaces usually have established admin practices and do most of the marketing for you, so that you can concentrate on the making and selling, compared to selling through your own website. Many designers and crafts people actually use their individual shop or profile as their main website, as it saves so much time and money. Below you will find 8 killer tips by Yamini Gautam from digital design marketplace to increase your sales:

  1. Keep SEO in mind when writing product descriptions: Use the right kind of SEO tags and keywords in your product description to ensure you get the right kind of traffic, instead of generic visitors who'll end up bouncing off to another page in a couple of seconds.You don’t need to be an SEO expert to get the basics right. This is an excellent SEO guide for beginners.
  2. 2 Previews matter, choose them carefully: Poor photography and imagery can be devastating. If someone sees your work in a bad light they won’t take the time to look again. With photographs remember that ‘first impressions count’. Keep in mind you don't violate any copyrights, such as Amazon's controversial photo patent.
  3. 3 Create partnerships: Work with other like-minded people or organizations to do joint projects. Work together to share your story, you’ll reach more people that way. Have you thought about joint promotions like giving away a coupon from a shop that your customers will like and your partner shop does the same for you?
  4. 4Share your shop links online: (on the website, on SoMe channels): While it is advisable to set up your online presence on most of the popular channels (i.e. FB, Twitter, G+, Linked IN etc), depending on your niche, one social media network may work better than other. It may be after all better to find which channel works best for you and focus your time and energy on one or two channels that bring maximum results, rather than spreading yourself too thinly.
  5. Keep your shop populated: Add items regularly and keep updating your shop. Make sure to add designs or products corresponding to current festivals or season. At Luvly we always see sales increase around events like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Create themed items and release them timely on the right date, when people start looking for items to celebrate these days.
  6. Be generous with freebies and giveaways:Make sure to give freebies now and then to maintain loyal customers and to attract new customers. If you’re a graphic designer, don’t forget it costs you nothing to give your own designs away!
  7. Create a niche. Think about niche markets as becoming a bigger fish in a smaller pond– you need to be known for something first, so that people start recognizing you and recommending you. As it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out of the crowd, really think about creating your own niche.

    Have a personal website:Even if you have set up an online shop on a heavy traffic website and enjoy great engagement on your social media channels, it is still essential to have your own website or a blog at the least. Having your own little web space gives you space to add a personalized touch to your product and services. You should also utilize your blog for strengthening the search engine presence that you may not be able to do through the online shop on an established platform.

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