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Designer spotlight: Robert Rodriguez jewelry

Robert Rodriguez Chain Necklace
Robert Rodriguez Chain Necklace
Available at Valentine's Too

Robert Rodriguez's jewelry line is a stunning mix of masculine and feminine details. Each necklace has the appearance of several different necklaces stacked together to create an individual look. The necklaces add the hip style factor themselves so you don't even have to try!

One of my favorite necklaces in the line is the blush crystal necklace with zinc, brass, and steel chains. The blush fabric is accentuated with black colored crystals and different layers of chain. It has the edgy feel of a chunky chain necklace mixed with the softness of the soft blush colored ribbon.

Another one of my favorite chunky chain necklaces features black, silver, and pewter metals. I love the look of different metals paired together. That way, it blends flawlessly with any outfit. I also love how the chains are laid out with various thickness and length. You get the appearance of three necklaces for the price of one.

An assortment of Robert's jewelry is sold at Valentine's Too in the Davenport Market. Valentine's Too is known for their upscale clothing and unique jewelry and accessories.