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Designer separates for spring

Your separates will boost your wardrobe favorites
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If you're looking for designer separates for spring in Chicago, be sure not to pass up sale items. Often you'll find a special designer separate in a sales rack. It's very likely that you'll see a stunning item to wear if you look carefully. A fashion separate might be buried behind a separate that just doesn't suit your fancy.

When you're looking for accessories, you might find a designer pair of shoes, such as a Bare Traps or Clark shoe that you'll absolutely love, but you'll have to act fast and keep attentive to sales in the Tribune or on television so you won't miss the sale. If you have a credit card, you're likely to find some useful coupons in the mail or if not, on Sunday in the paper, for example, telling you about some special bargains. When you're looking for clothes such as bras and panties as well as blouses and capris, look carefully and ask around. They usually have special sales at Carsons but you might find something special at Target if your size is a popular one. Just you look at many of the sales there.

As you can see, our model is finding many ways to stretch her Ralph Lauren dress by using separates. A fashionable jacket picking up certain colors from her dress makes it look like she has many clothes. The many colors with her scarf gives the illusion that she has more different outfits to wear if she remembers to wear it. She keeps her eyes open for special sales in special colors, which is artful shopping in the Chicagoland area. Ready to take advantage of an afternoon for shopping, this young looking retiree shops in any place where she can supplement her wardrobe whenever she gets a chance.

So don't be shy about trying on a lot of clothes when you're out shopping whenever you have the time. You can never tell whether an outfit or accessory is right for you unless you try it on or are ready to exchange it for something else if it doesn't suit you. Have a little fashion show at home with your daughter or aunt if you get the chance, especially after you've bought something new. In Chicago, with the wide variety of stores to choose from, you can find something fashionable almost anywhere these days which will probably wow your ladyfriends or your next date.

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