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Designer Franklins Rowe’s ‘Kilo’ designs

Franklin Rowe is a New York City fashion designer who has 20 years experience in the fashion industry. His first big break was wardrobe styling for the popular soap opera series "One Life to Live". Through this opportunity, Rowe was able to affiliate himself with well-known celebrities including Dionne Warwick, Taye Diggs, Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige. Rowe has evolved in fashion design to have his own designs presented during Ebony Fashion Fair runway events and on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Designs by New York City fashion designer, Franklin Rowe.
Photos by: Macintosh Smith
Kilo dress designed by Franklin Rowe.
Macintosh Smith

2013 marks the year that Rowe has introduced a new look to the fashion scene in New York City and beyond. The unique and stylish look is known as the 'kilo'. It is a distinct style that accentuates femininity. The kilo design often features dresses with sleeves attached to the body. The kilo style creates a stunning visual impact that is glamorous and high-fashion.

Franklin Rowe explains, "I really try to apply innovation to my creations because I see too much design copying happening amongst the American fashion designers. What they all are producing ends up looking like the same things. My designs are stylish and practical arrangements that people can wear throughout their everyday lives. Not just for the holiday or red carpet affairs. For me the kilo dress is an evolution in fashion design. This look can be styled in various ways and is quite easy to get in and out of."

Rowe's couture fashion designs, including the kilo dress, tend to mirror classic 1940's glamour but including his own modern chic twist influenced by European designs. Rowe plans to unveil exclusive new designs that will apply his elegant kilo concept to various apparel categories including outerwear, lingerie, and holiday dresses. He also plans to branch out with a collection of kilo inspired dresses for full-figured women. For now, his fashions can be found throughout New York City boutiques as well as boutiques in Atlanta, Detroit, Albuquerque and New Mexico. His designs are also available online at

Source: Franklin Rowe International

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