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Designer breeds

Canine Behavior and Training
Canine Behavior and Training
Canine Behavior and Training

This is the most successful scam going since the "name a star" commercials. Most "dog lovers" have no idea what the difference is between a mutt and a pure-bred in the first place and that is a major problem with this and many other problems surrounding dog ownership. So I guess we should start there.

A pure-bred is an affixed genotype based on breed specific behavior. It means the a "breed" is far more than color and head shape like the AKC dog shows lead you to believe. It means that A DOG IS A MEMBER OF A BREED BECAUSE HE ACTS IN A VERY SPECIFIC MANNER BASED ON A MOTIVATED DESIRE (known as drive) THAT IS CAUSED BY HIS OWN BRAIN SHAPE. No one in nineteenth century Germany cared about a big boxy head and a slick-looking black and tan coat. They wanted a big dog that drove cattle because of intense prey drive! They wanted an indiscriminate biter due to high dominance, high protective and high territorial drive! How the dog looked meant nothing. It needed to be willing to risk it's own self to guard the money the farmer collected from the harvest long enough to get home so the farmer could feed his family for the year! After generations of breeding for behavior, the dogs all started looking and acting the same with little or no consideration to what would be considered handsome (or to what would make a nice pet in a suburban home for children).

So now we have labradoodles, puggles, shnoodles, maltipoos, goldendoodles, morkies, cockapoos, and a dozen or so useless...ahheeemmm...breeds (Sorry. That was me using that term loosely). They do nothing. They are not bred to act or look any particular way. They are not bred to be better pets. They are not bred for better health. They are mutts. THEY ARE NOT BREEDS. For starters, you cannot cross a poodle to whatever dog you want, call it "designer", charge a lot of money for the pups and think that you are a dog're a dog pimp! You're exploiting a species for profit. You have no talent or education of genetics or how to breed a better, healthy dog. You put 2 mammals together and the 2 mammals did what they do. You are the bottom of the barrel of dog handlers. I would sooner take the advice of a teenage dog bather at a grooming salon before taking any advice from a dog breeder. It takes no talent, knowledge or credentials of any kind to do what a dog breeder does, just the will and ability to follow through until you sell the puppies. Once you research the statistics of deseases and genetic enomales in pure bred dogs today versus just 30 years ago and see how cancer, allergies, tooth/gum disease, and phobias and anxieties are on the rise, you will find that TODAY'S DOG BREEDERS ARE DESTROYING AN ENTIRE SPECIES BECAUSE WE ALL UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH KNOWLEDGE IS REQUIRED TO DO THIS WELL!!!

If they knew a damn thing about what it is that makes a dog a great animal, they would know that, for starters, sire and dam, both granddogs on both sides, and great granddogs on both sides should all be of the same type to even begin to have the discussion of whether or not that these mutts should be considered a "breed". YOU CAN'T CROSS A POODLE TO ANY DOG YOU WANT AND SAY THAT. That's stupid!!!

Say we cross a beagle to a pug- that's a mutt. You can call it a puggle all you want, but by definition, it's a mutt. So then we cross those puppies to other "puggle mutts"...still a mutt...still not a breed! Then we would have to cross those puggle mutts to other puggle mutts again, and, guess what??? STILL NOT A BREED!!! Do they all behave the same? Do they all look alike even in unrelated individuals? DOES CROSSING THESE UNRELATED INDIVIDUALS PRODUCE A CONSISTENT PHENOTYPE GENERATION AFTER GENERATION!?!? That is the cornerstone of a breed.

If you paid more than $100 for a dog who's parents and/or grandparents are 2 different're a sucker! You got punked by a bored housewife who lets mammals f__k in her kitchen to make a buck. She loves 'em alright. Like I love a good cigar. How the hell is taking 2 disease-laden, over bred breeds like a golden retriever and a poodle and crossing them create a sound breed? Some have obsessive problems, some don't. Some show aggression, some don't. Some are aloof, some are amiable. A breed is consistent in behavior- if you don't know that, how do you call yourself a dog lover?