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Designer brand to sell on eBay – Exclusively Misook

The Misook label may look ordinary, but can mean big profits on eBay.

Making money selling pre-owned clothing on eBay is all about knowing the brands to sell. Many sellers choose the most popular retail store brands like Ralph Lauren, Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, and Armani when shopping at thrift stores for pre-owned clothing to resell. Unfortunately, the most popular and most recognized brands can also be the most faked – which can get a seller kicked off of eBay. One way around the counterfeit issue is to sell brands that are high profit but not usually faked. One such brand is Exclusively Misook.

Misook Doolittle started selling her own designs out of her Hartsdale, NY home in 1985. She began her clothing line because, in her own words, “I saw a need that women, just like myself, were looking for sophisticated designs that didn’t compromise comfort and were easy to look after.” ( Misook was a world traveler and wanted clothing that looked classy but was easy to pack and care for on the road. She hand knit the first pieces in her line.

In 1995, Misook moved to New York City and opened a showroom in New York’s Fashion district on 7th Avenue. Nordstrom department store was the first retailer to carry her line. The company grew over the next 15 years and the Misook website launched in 2010.

The Exclusively Misook clothing line includes basic pieces such as black pants, solid color jackets, sheath dresses, tanks and shells, and cardigans. Regular retail prices can exceed $450. On eBay, pre-owned pieces in good condition can sell for over $200, depending on the particular item. Jackets sell for the most.

eBay shows over 1,200 active listings for Exclusively Misook in pre-owned condition, and 2,300 completed sold listings for this brand also in pre-owned condition. Exclusively Misook is a brand where the very plain black and white garment tag can be misleading. (See photo to the left.) At first glance, the tag looks like it could be a cheap Target brand like Mossimo or Merona, or a Wal-Mart brand like Metro 7. Resellers have probably overlooked this brand simply because it is not as well known as other designer brands. But don't be deceived, Misook has a very specific niche following for its elegant clothing.

If you are a reseller of pre-owned clothing on eBay, add Exclusively Misook to your BOLO (Be On The Lookout) list. A small investment of a few dollars on a plain looking article of clothing can bring big profits – if you know what to look for when shopping at thrift stores.

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