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Designer bags at discount prices in Jackson

Dooney & Bourke Medium Drawstring bag purchased at TJ Maxx in Jackson
Dooney & Bourke Medium Drawstring bag purchased at TJ Maxx in Jackson
Laura Tubb Prestwich

If you're lusting after a luxurious designer handbag for the new year, you don't have to worry about paying high designer prices. Jackson has several stores that cater to the bargain fashionista. TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross Dress for Less, and Stein Mart all carry expensive bags at affordable prices.

Pricing is the tricky part when it comes to shopping at stores like these. You may find a bag for $100 to $200 off the retail value, but it could go down even further. It all depends on whether or not you're willing to risk losing the deal by waiting. Also, bags that get slightly damaged might be discounted deeper later on. A bag that is originally $400 might make it down to $80 because of a pen mark, which can be removed at home.

When shopping at stores like TJ Maxx, persistence pays off. The merchandise is always changing, and it may take a couple trips to find the type of bag you want. It also helps to know what brand you're interested in. Whether it's a Dooney & Bourke or a Guess bag, you'll need to know the best places to go to increase the likelihood of getting the one you want.

Ross tends to carry a lot more Guess bags and brands like Betsey Johnson and Kenneth Cole Reaction than it does Dooney & Bourke or Michael Kors. If it is the D&B you're interested in, Marshall's, TJ Maxx, and Stein Mart seem to carry a good selection of those on a fairly regular basis. According to Stein Mart's in-store signage, you can also occasionally pick up Coach bags at a discounted price.

Discounts can definitely help you keep extra money in your new pocketbook, and while hunting for bargains isn't everyone's cup of tea, saving hundreds of dollars certainly makes for a great start on your New Year's resolutions.


  • Chloe 5 years ago

    Great article!

  • Anna 5 years ago

    I used to pay the full price at the Guess store in the Wolfchase Galleria. Then, I wandered into Ross one day only to find that I no longer had to search for the bags I wanted that were full price at the Guess store, but I also no longer had to drive an hour to pay the outrageous prices (so I got both bags)!

  • Dot 5 years ago

    Love the article. Keep them coming!

  • Misti 5 years ago

    Thanks for the info! Looking forward to more interesting articles.

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