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Designating a Power of Attorney helps you remain in control

Power of Attorney
Power of Attorney
K Benjamin


  • Kathy Paro 6 years ago

    I am so glad to see this article and I couldn't agree more! I have a Great Aunt that has just turned 90 yrs. old, and thankfully she made this decision several years ago. She has no children, only siblings, but her niece agreed to accept the responsibility of P.O.A. in all her financial matters. Now that she has reached the point in life where her mind tends to come and go, it's a great comfort for her to rely on her niece, (who takes wonderful care of her) and have no worries in the area of her finances. It's especially a comfort for us, as her mind is easily swayed these days and, sadly, there are certain family members that might have taken advantage of her mental state. Her situation has made me realize just how important a P.O.A. is, and I will certainly have one myself in the years to come. Thanks for taking the time to make others aware!

  • Debbie Pemberton 6 years ago

    Just wanted to thank you for bringing me the information. I will need a P.O.A., too i will be 60 in a month and a half.

  • Mimi 6 years ago

    Good stuff! Everyone! needs a POA!!!! Well written!

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