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Design Essentials® Natural Shares Collection of Time-Saving Haircare Solutions

Anyone with super thick, long hair knows that taking care of your hair is so time consuming. When it comes to my hair, it can take more than an hour just to blow dry it. Even after that, it’s not 100 percent dried. Lets not even get started on curling or straitening the hair. It’s a long process. Design Essentials Natural has some amazing products to share that are time-saving haircare solutions.

The new Design Essentials Natural hair care line not only helps get a frizz-free curl definition, but also does this amazing curl in less time! There was a recent survey done where more than 100 users said that two of the line’s standouts were the Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion and Curl Enhancing Mousse. Each product saved them up to 30 minutes when styling their natural hair! That’s pretty amazing!

Past reviewers have raved that the products are also great at detangling, which also reduces that annoying struggle people face with tangled hair. It’s also really moisturizing, which eliminates the need for having to constantly reapply product, and the lightweight formula works great for quick absorption into the hair for faster drying times.

The three products that are featured at Beautypress Spotlight Day include:

Curl Enhancing Mousse — A lightweight curl defining and enhancing mousse, great for textures ranging from wavy to medium curls (Curl Types 2-3)

Twist & Set Setting Lotion — This styler is ideal for those who set their hair wet on curlers or by twisting. Dries without “crunch” and provides lasting curl definition for curly to tightly coiled textures (Curl Types 3-4)

Curl Forming Custard with Honey & Shea — Delivers definition, shape and elongation to tight curls and coils. Providing lasting hold with the benefit of hydration courtesy of humectants like honey, this is perfect for Curl Types 2-4.

Visit Design Essentials Natural’s website to learn more about these amazing haircare products! I have my eyes on the Twist and Set Setting Lotion!

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