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Design and architecture before and after the advent of the internet

Design and Architecture through the years.
Design and Architecture through the years.
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Just because the internet is rather new (in the scope of the age of the earth), doesn't mean that creativity and human ingenuity is new. The science and art of architecture and design has been growing in the minds and hearts of humans for centuries.

Just a glance at the great pyramids of ancient Egypt, with the scientifically sound engineering that would withstand centuries of rough desert weather to the beautiful contemporary looks of architecture and design that is a part of the world today, there is much that can be seen that is rich in beauty and intrigue.

Prior to the internet, dating back to the 1940s, wannabe designers and architects could subscribe to magazines like Arts and Architecture to be inspired. Those who did not have subscriptions or newsstand access could locate it in select libraries. This particular magazine (now viewable in PDF versions on their web site) would present what they called "case studies," alongside news items, in each of their very modern issues (for their time!). Whether the desire was the artistic, interior design appeal, or the blueprints that were used in the case studies, the magazine catered to an eager audience.

Another magazine that served to inspire, and one that is probably more well-known, is Architectural Digest. The magazine boasts that they are the international authority and they give sneak peaks (well, not so much on the sneaky) into celebrity homes and breathtaking masterpieces in architectural design.

In more recent years, magazines like Martha Stewart's Living came on the playing field, expanding the design world into house crafts, drapes, and attainable design ideas for any home, whether the reader was good with a sewing machine, thrifty shopping, or purchasing from the internet.

Sites like Homedoo, with their interior design ideas and architecture, assist in providing the photos along with the concepts, variations of design, and how-to to take action steps. More recently, this site feature images and ideas for that kitchen that was made to create mouth-watering pizza. This site goes beyond the boring to provide ideas for the weekend update or the summer renovation, complete with pictures.

Another idea is to perform a search on Pinterest, Flickr, or for interesting photos and inspirational ideas that can be applied to any residence, be it a small apartment dwelling or a large ranch with plenty of land for growing a personal arboretum. These types of web sites serve to provide collections of inspiration that others have gathered, as well as an online personal clip file for future design plans and architectural expression.

So, creativity has been there for a long time, but now there is the benefit of having the internet to share that creativity with the rest of the world even more quickly than the decades past.

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