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Design a resume that stands out from the crowd

Cracker Jack Resume
Cracker Jack Resume

In the age of ‘just in time’ management and ‘right now’ reality it is no wonder so many job seekers are not getting call backs with their standard calling cards. Job seeking in times of economic uncertainty requires a shift in thinking and the standard functional and chronological resume will not be sufficient in meeting that need.

Hiring managers and recruiters sift through hundreds of resumes daily. Your job is to make sure they stop at yours.

You want the recruiter to glance at your resume, be captivated, and eager to read more. Do you remember the last time you read something that caught your attention and kept you reading? The last time you read a book with pictures; what were your thoughts? Did those pictures influence your decision to continue with that book?

If pictures and stories incite these types of reactions, why can’t it work in the professional realm as well? It can.

In comes the ‘Cracker Jack Resume’. You remember Cracker Jack’s don’t you. That delicious caramel candy with the nuts sprinkled throughout with the prizes down at the bottom. We lived for those little prizes. Well, the same concept exists with the Cracker Jack Resume.

It is one page of professional goodness with the prize being a call from a recruiter for an interview. The Cracker Jack Resume does a few of things:

1. Allows the recruiter to glean exactly what is needed; saving them time’

2. Sets your resume apart from the traditional resumes

3. Provides references up front (if applicable)

Set yourself apart from the masses and dare to be different with a resume that makes recruiters take notice.

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