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Desert Storm veteran ‘jack slaps’ would-be robber in North Charleston

Desert Storm veteran ‘jack slaps’ would-be robber in North Charleston
Desert Storm veteran ‘jack slaps’ would-be robber in North Charleston

North Charleston police reached out to the public again last night for help in finding an armed, would-be robber. The crime took place Monday, July 21, but either local news sources decided to sit on the story, or the information wasn’t released to them until several days later. The Post and Courier published the first account last Friday.

On the night in question, a local tow truck driver and former combat Marine, Tony Morris, was followed home from a convenience store where he had paid cash for a fill-up. Morris’ wallet contained several large bills, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by two young, black men who bought nothing at the store and left the same time Morris did. They were driving a white SUV.

When the 45-year-old Desert Stoem veteran got home, the white SUV wasn’t far behind. One of the men got out of the vehicle and initially asked Morris for directions.

Savvy to what was about to go down, the former Marine literally “jack slapped’ a .38 cal. weapon from the hands of the would-be robber as he shoved the gun in Morris’ face. Morris said he “had nothing to lose” as his Marine combat training kicked in and he struggled with the robber. He was pretty sure by the look on the assailant’s face, that even if he had handed over his wallet, he was going die.

Pants sagging around his knees, the “dark skinned”, gold-toothed, robber was making his way back to the SUV, presumably to get a replacement for the downed .38 when he tripped over his untied shoes and lost a piece of key evidence, a shoelace, before fleeing the scene.

Morris was able to get off two rounds into the back of the disappearing SUV, presumably from the dropped handgun. Detectives ran the serial number on the weapon and found that it was stolen three years ago from a residence in Varnville, a small community in Hampton County, about 75 miles away.

Tipsters are encouraged to call the Charleston County Sheriff’s Department at: (843) 554-2473 or (843) 554-2475. The assailants were likely driving a white Dodge Nitro SUV. It could have “bullet wounds” in the rear from shots fired by combat veteran Tony Morris.