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Desert Noises: In for the long haul

Desert Noises
Desert Noises
Jaclyn Campanaro

You could look at Desert Noises frontman Kyle Henderson – who, at 24, is the “old man” of the group – and assume that he and his cohorts are simply a collection of fresh-faced kids about to get devoured by the music business.

But this is no overnight success story.

“We have done so much work,” he laughs. “I booked nine US tours by myself the first year and a half of touring, and we had nothing.”

Things have changed a lot since then. Their first album for new label SQE Music, 27 Ways, hits the streets next week, and as their current tour approaches New York for a gig at the Mercury Lounge on Friday, the buzz about the Utah quartet (Henderson, Tyler Osmond, Pat Boyer, and Brennan Allen) is growing louder and louder.

“We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time now,” said Henderson. “This is everything we’ve worked up to, so we’re mostly just excited.”

There’s good reason for that. In baseball terms, the members of this band are five-tool players, able to rock out, slow it down, and do everything else in between. It’s the type of groove that only comes with time on the road, and once this lineup of the group got together, it was full speed ahead.

“We just said ‘let’s go for it,’” said Henderson. “We put a lot of work and a lot of time and stress and effort into this, and we always tried to be positive and take this as this is the experience of our lives.”

The founding member of the group and the only original one left, Henderson is a rarity in that this is the only real band he’s ever been in.

“I did go play bass for Joshua (James), and he had recorded the first EP that I had put out, but for me, this is the only project that I’ve ever done,” he said. “I’ve always been Desert Noises, even when playing by myself for a time when there wasn’t really anybody in the band. This is what I’ve always been, and it’s definitely evolved. I’m the only original band member, but it’s always been Desert Noises. That’s the meaning of the project and it won’t ever change from that because it’s supposed to evolve, it’s supposed to be always changing and having different meanings all the time and still stay true to the name, as long as it’s honest music. I don’t see the band members ever changing again, and as long as it’s honest, I think it will always be that way.”

“Honest” is a good way to describe 27 Ways and the band. They’re a good, honest rock band in a world that could always use one. And the fact that none of them have reached the age of 30 yet bodes well for the future, while also reinforcing the idea that this is a group wise beyond its years when it comes to not letting the rock and roll lifestyle hinder their growth as musicians and performers.

“Honestly, we want to be doing this until we’re 80 years old,” said Henderson. “We want to take it day-by-day and soak everything in. We don’t want to miss out on this kind of thing by being dumb or letting our eyes get away from the goal of being 80 and still doing the same thing.”

Hey, the legendary Les Paul played every Monday night in New York City well into his 90s. So why can’t the Desert Noises boys do the same? Isn’t that the beauty of music?

“That is the total beauty,” Henderson agrees. “This is a lifestyle that you can create, and you can do what you love for the rest of your life. That’s the goal.”

Desert Noises play the Mercury Lounge in New York City on Friday, March 28. For tickets, click here

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