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Desert landscaping with the lawn

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Many residents and much of the local community benefit from the rainfall in El Paso, TX with their lawn and grass exterior. Many are weeding all weeds that have grown in during the spring and summer months. The rain seems to always loosen up the ground considerably to pull the weeds up from the soil. In addition, all are fertilizing to enhance the performance of the grass growth and appearance. Residents have pulled up their old grass bed and resodded with new sod. The residents embrace this season with the weather permitting much to be done with the grass and lawn area. Moreover, the traditional way of reseeding is also being done with tilling and covering with top soil to thicken preexisting lawn or too begin anew. The moisture and downpour are exactly what is needed to soak the grass roots. The rainfall offers the grass to be richer in color, grow and germinate to spread out to a thick coverage. Even giving many the opportunity to mow their lawn with all the extra growth. With the water schedule for water conservation, the rain helps to accommodate the added water that is always welcomed by the plant life.

The lawn and grass area can be challenging in the desert of El Paso, TX if not tended, too. It can burn easier with the hot direct sun and if in any way under-watered.

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