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Desert landscape and the cold weather

London, England Cacti are displayed in the Southfield Nursery
London, England Cacti are displayed in the Southfield Nursery
Photo by Oli Scarff Getty Images

The cold weather change has made it seem as winter is here when officially it is still the season of fall. The temperatures have dipped into the thirties in El Paso giving plant owners the idea to consider their plant life.

The weather is expected to get colder this week in the early part of the week with being a few digits below freezing according to the weather broadcast. Nevertheless, it would be time to consider the possibility of covering and moving plants permanently for the winter until spring season or warmer days.

Depending on the weather that is expected to arrive for the following months one can prepare for the spring season once again to enjoy those more delicate plants, then. However, many of the evergreens are indeed, considered the hardy plants and can be substituted now for those delicate plants through the winter and all the way into the summer.

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