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Desert film shoot on location in California City reminiscent of 'Road Warrior'

On August 1, 2014, a behind the scenes digital sneak peek began at approximately 5 a.m. (PST), and continues throughout the day. With today's technology, this examiner has been told that cast and crew are shooting a film (title to be announced) on an undisclosed desert location in California City.

Leah Ford Groveman with Kyle Wolfe
Leah Ford Groveman with Kyle Wolfe
Actors on set, Leah Ford Groveman and Kyle Wolfe, Photo courtesy Israel David Groveman, used with permission
Filmmaker Israel David Groveman
Filmmaker Israel David Groveman, Photo: Douglas Sonders used with permission

Israel David Groveman, a filmmaker out of L.A., wrote and directed this short film. That means only one thing, from knowing Groveman's past history, this should be an action packed hit! was asked to think back to Mel Gibson's "Mad Max" or "Road Warrior" days, as apparently this film will use a vehicle and theme similar to the type used in that 1980s action film series!

For the honor of working on this film, many have driven or flown in from many locations. Some of the actors have come all the way from Florida, Virgina, Ireland and other distant areas as well!

Two of the many cast or crew included on this project are Isaac C. Singleton, Jr. ("Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl") and Ryan Patrick McGuffey ("Showrunners").

Leah Groveman will make her adult acting debut appearance, for as a teenager she worked on film sets in Florida where she grew up. Leah will also help where needed as crew. Leah's husband is filmmaker Israel David Groveman.

At post-film here is what Leah had to say:

"It was a pretty awesome day on set with my amazing husband Israel, who wrote and directed an amazing short film from start to finish. Made some wonderful new friends, and Isaac Singleton, Jr. of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' blessed us by coming out as well."

Both Grovemans were too busy during the shoot for an interview, but was honored to include part of a past interview. Some of his background includes:

"Groveman is intensely creative and passionate when it comes to his art, his skills, his projects. He is a producer, director and director of photography (DP) in the areas of filmmaking, photography and composition background."

Israel was also asked: What are some of the entertainment projects you have been a part of?

"I have produced and acted in my own projects, including a recent short called 'Despondent.' I have also worked on 'Lincoln' with Daniel Day Lewis and directed by Steven Spielberg. I also wrote the score for the Emmy-nominated documentary about Greenland, called 'Melting Point.' The music can be heard at"

Turns out Groveman has studio space available in Woodland Hills. It includes a full photographic strobe studio, backdrops, set fans, SteadiCam Merlin, Dynamic Perception, Emotimo Black, Nikon D800e, BlackMagic 2k, Kessler slider, recording and mixing equipment. I also have thousands of professional Hollywood level film score source tracks, high end 2.8 glass, and more.

Israel appears to be well rounded when it comes to all things entertainment, and he has marketing skills as well.

"Yes, my work in marketing comes from marketing my own films."

Israel David Groveman's skills and projects include being a producer and filmmaker, composer and musician, project management, software and corporate technical and photographer in the areas of fashion and beauty, cinema and dramatic plus sports and editorial.

Israel recently had this to say:

"Why do I make movies and create? Because I absolutely have to. Because it's better than sitting at home and strictly experiencing other people's content and letting other people shape, change, effect, and color the world... " (more on FB)

Learn more about Israel David Groveman at IDG Bio. Enjoy a variety of photos by Groveman both off and on the set. Notice photo in slideshow of car actually used in "Mad Max" (1981) with Leah sitting at the wheel!

More to follow on film writer, director and filmmaker Israel David Groveman on this expertisely "shot in one day" film...

This short film will be submitted to "Project Greenlight." Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are the show's executive producers.

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