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DeSean Jackson to Redskins: Washington Redskins ready to sign troubled Jackson?

DeSean Jackson to Redskins rumors were given a push by DeAngelo Hall. The Washington Redskins have invited DeSean Jackson for a meeting on Monday (March 31), suggesting that the team has interest in signing the troubled free agent receiver. According to a report from ESPN on Sunday (March 30), current team member Hall had some positive things to say about the team acquiring the former Pro Bowl receiver.

DeSean Jackson is a free agent after getting cut by the Philadelphia Eagles.
Photo by Johnny Nunez

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Speaking about the receiver recently released by the Philadelphia Eagles, Hall stated, "If we could add a piece like that ... he's a threat whenever the ball is in [his] hands. I feel like our locker room has a good group of young guys, a good group of old guys, man. Some of the things [Jackson] has been going through lately, that's life. That's life. We've all been through something, so ... if he's able to come here, man, I'm going to take him under my wing and just try to put him on the right path."

It certainly seems like Hall would be on board with the signing and that he is sold on it making the Washington Redskins much better on offense. Adding a receiver that had 82 catches for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns last season could certainly make life easier for quarterback Robert Griffin III. Even with all the DeSean Jackson to Redskins stories out there, it doesn't necessarily mean he will wind up there. Several other teams are also expressing interest, so fantasy football fans will want to pay close attention to this situation as it evolves during the offseason.

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