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Deschanel, Applegate, and Clarkson find out who they are

TLC, The Learning Channel, has finally begun to live up to its name again by picking up NBC's ancestry-exploring reality show Who Do You Think You Are?

Christina Applegate, on behalf of her dad Robert Applegate, wants to find answers to why Bob was raised by his grandfather and not his mother and father. Sadly, Bob was told by his grandmother that his mother, Lavina Shaw Applegate, was found outside a bar beaten to death.

Christina travels to Trenton NJ where the journey uncovers various birth, marriage, divorce records. A newspaper article recording travels of the family indicates the family may have been well off at the time. A picture of Lavina at age 14 her sister Delilah is included.

A bitter divorce with ugly accusations on both sides are revealed and custody of young Bob was awarded to his grandmother. It should be noted that witnesses' statements indicate Lavina never left Bob alone and that she was totally devoted to him.

Lavina died at age 33 of pulmonary tuberculosis and cirrhosis of the liver. At her final resting place Bob learned his mother had secured a plot for him. She wanted Bob to be with her. The poignant ending is Bob vowing to buy a monument for his mother, Lavina. The monument has the names Ovid, Lavina and Delilah and Bob's special message "Mom I Found You".

Strong women precede Zooey Deschanel. Starting in Philadelphia, Zooey's search reveals a history rich in Human Rights activism and abolitionism. Quaker women and men were against war, slavery and were pro gender equality. Quaker women had a voice and could follow their own hearts.

Four times grandparents owned The Parker House at Sadsbury which was demolished 1898. This site was an important part of the underground railroad created to protect fugitive slaves. Those involved showed great courage in taking a stance against the government taking a blind eye to slavery.

Kelly Clarkson heads to Nashville. Jeanne Ann Taylor has put together a family tree of the Rose Family. Isaiah R. Rose, three times grandfather of Kelly, coal miner, was a Union soldier. He had enlisted for three years. Taken prisoner at Decatur, Georgia he was brought to a prisoner of war camp, one of the deadliest places in the Civil War.

Isaiah escaped. Records in Washington County show Isaiah later ran for sheriff and won. Roads lead to Ohio where the Professor of History invites Kelly to the Senate chambers where Isaiah was a member of the Senate. He was part of the Temperance Movement.

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