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Descendant of NAACP founder launches new publication, Atlanta Free Speech

Atlanta Free Speech
Atlanta Free Speech
Tiana L. Ferrell

Atlanta Free Speech will host its official launch party on Sunday, March 23, 2014 in Fulton County Georgia. Atlanta Free Speech is a unique digital and print publication inspired by the legacy of Ida. B. Wells, who was a NAACP co-founder, under the direction of her great-great granddaughter Tiana L. Ferrell. Four generations later, Ferrell has revived the Memphis Free Speech and Headlight, which was also co-owned by Ida B. Wells, with Atlanta Free Speech.

“I am elated to launch Atlanta Free Speech as an avenue to continue the legacy of my great-great grandmother, Ida B. Wells-Barnett. I have been blessed with another opportunity to serve my community and advocate for those who are under served and disproportionately affected because of their race, class, or gender. I look forward to making a positive difference in the community as we carry forth the vision of Miss Ida B. Wells,” said Ferrell, Atlanta Free Speech Publisher.

The inaugural celebration will consist of editorial readings, recognition from premier national and local leaders, as well as an original reading of Ida B. Wells. Descendants who are actively involved in preserving Wells' legacy will also be in attendance along with featured speakers. Promoting economic development within the African-American community is a key philosophy that Atlanta Free Speech upholds; thus, the event will be held at 112 Mega-Plex formerly Crowe’s Nest Mega-Plex, which is minority owned, from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Ida B. Wells believed that there is no educator that can compare to the press. Therefore, educating, empowering and producing enlightening editorials and news to urban readers is the foundation of Atlanta Free Speech.

Atlanta Free Speech
Atlanta Free Speech (AFS) is a digital newspaper created and inspired by the legacy of Ida. B. Wells under the direction of her great-great granddaughter Tiana L. Ferrell. AFS' age demographic is primarily 18 to 35 and consists of four major components to compliment the urban readers’ lifestyle: Editorials, Health + Wellness, News, and Community. AFS delivers news with an urban twist and is designed to educate and inspire its readers. We aim to be an authoritative news source for urban America by providing thought-provoking editorials, as well as information on community happenings, health, and entertainment that impact urban communities. AFS celebrates urban culture by profiling positive images of people of color through our editorial features.