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Son of Georgia decapitation victim suggests cult crime: Satanic elements missing

Cole Patton, grandson of Georgia decapitation victim Russell Dermond and his wife Shirley, has this strange cat-in-a-jar photo on his Facebook page.
Cole Patton, grandson of Georgia decapitation victim Russell Dermond and his wife Shirley, has this strange cat-in-a-jar photo on his Facebook page.
Cole Patton Facebook

Keith Dermond is one of the two sons of Russell and Shirley Dermond, the Great Waters community's double homicide victims in Georgia this month. On Friday, WSB-TV News reported that the 55-year-old male thinks a cult may be to blame for the crime, and he believes the murdering occurred as a random act.

Georgia decapitation victim's grandson has "cat in jar" photo on his Facebook page. Is it a joke?
Cole Patton Facebook

Cult crimes, however, have some crime scene element characteristics that appear to be missing from this Lake Oconee double homicide based upon the information shared thus far from Sheriff Howard Sills of the Putnam County Sheriff's office, who is investigating the crime.

For example, salt often plays a role in cult activities, like the circle of salt used in satanic cult murders dubbed "Type 1" cult crimes, according to Dr. Ronald M. Holmes, the author of at least 50 scholarly articles, as well as books like "Profiling Violent Crimes: An Investigative Tool," and more than 500 psychological profiles for police departments around the nation.

Additionally, the emeritus professor at the University of Louisville, says that bowls containing colored salts, the presence of colored candles, the use of candles, or the presence of candle wax at the crime scene can indicate satanic activity. Evidence at the crime scene can also include mockery of Christian symbols at the site, the presence of satanic symbols--like a hexagram or inverted pentagram could also indicate cult activity or motivation.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills has not disclosed any of these items as being present at the Russell Dermond crime scene when he has spoken to the media regarding this case. In fact, he says that the world does not need to know too much of the behind-the-scene investigative data at this point, because it could hinder the investigation and make it harder to obtain justice and catch the killer(s) of the Dermond couple.

The Dermond's son Keith has been the only one to broach this cult killer topic thus far publicly, but he was not speaking in any formal capacity for the PCSO. And it is important to note that cult crimes involving a lot of blood or a dismembered body are generally not the work of "Type 1" satanists, according to Dr. Holmes.

Holmes says that the type one cult person generally does not leave blood, choosing to drain the body of it. And that the body is not left at the scene by this level of satanist, as it is going to be moved and hidden for satanic purposes later, rather than being left in a garage for police or neighbors to find, as happened with Russell Dermond.

Those who are attempting to learn satanic practices; however, like teens or young adults, may engage in type-two and -three level satanic crimes, where blood or a body might be left at the scene. But even then, dismemberment of a body involves the removal of fingers and other body parts, rather than the sole removal of the head of a victim. And it does not involve killing someone through blunt force trauma and then dumping their body out in a lake, as the AJC reported on Saturday happened to Shirley Dermond. The type one satanic practicing members are seeking to offer a sacrifice to Lucifer, so they want to be able to retrieve the body from its hiding place later, not hide it in 50-feet of water.

That's why Dr. Holmes says that when police see some evidence of satanic symbols or ritual activity at a crime scene, it may merely indicate someone new to cult worship and activity is now experimenting outside the group, or it may indicate someone is attempting to make the crime scene look like satanism was at play when it was not.

The type-two or three-level devil worship cult member sometimes learns their mutilating and killing practice on small animals before attempting to move onto human subjects. In this they are similar in profile to the serial killer, who may start out like Edmund Emil Kemper III did, harming small animals before going on to kill his grandparents and chopping off the heads of California co-eds during his time as a serial killer.

That is why the mobile uploaded photo of a cat enclosed in a glass jar (whether it is real or not)--which is currently seen on the Facebook page of one of Russell Dermond's grandchildren, Cole Patton--is so disconcerting, regardless of when it was placed on the account.

And seeing Middle Ages type knight weapons photographed and included in his brother Graham Patton's Facebook page album (from a trip taken to Switzerland and Scotland years ago), which show a number of horseman axes and battle axes, is a bit disturbing to see, too. It's obviously not a good thing for anyone searching the web to find right now, following their grandfather's brutal murder, even though the photos were taken long ago.

Let's hope that the elder Dermond, who went on the overseas trip with his wife Shirley, his daughter Leslie Dermond Patton, and his grandson, didn't have one of those types of instruments in his home when someone decapitated his head this month, making it easy for the perpetrator to access the weapon in order to harm him and his wife. But if he did, police need to know that, in case it is missing.

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