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Derk Cheetwood latest 'General Hospital' star to appear in hit cable series

If you want to see your favorite current and former stars from ABC soap "General Hospital" in other productions, it seems you have to go no further than cable's most popular series. Actors from the ABC sudser are showing up right and left on many of the latest hit pay-channel shows.

"General Hospital" star Derk Cheetwood will appear on an upcoming episode of "Masters of Sex"
Derk Cheetwood

"General Hospital" airs weekdays at 1pm PST on Riverside affiliate KABC channel 7.

On Fri., July 19, Derk Cheetwood, who plays Corinthos' mob enforcer Max Giambetti on GH, shared photos via his Facebook page of his upcoming guest appearance on the hit Showtime series "Masters of Sex," which showed his 1950's-era police wardrobe and his amazing vintage police car. "My car on the show, cool," wrote an excited Cheetwood.

If campy horror is more your speed, head on over to HBO's supernatural series "True Blood." This hit show has been a playground for several "General Hospital" stars, most recently Nathan Parsons, who formerly played Luke Spencer and Holly Sutton's son Ethan on the soap. Now he plays sexy vampire James, who is in a steamy relationship with one of the shows most popular characters, Jessica. The show is in its final season, so if you want to catch Parsons, you have six more episodes left - provided he survives to the end.

That's because you never know what your fate may be on "True Blood." Just ask Carolyn Hennesy, who plays "General Hospital's" fiery defense attorney Diane Miller (and, interestingly, the one-time girlfriend of Max Giambetti). She also had a stint on HBO's blood-sucking hit in 2012 as Vampire Authority member Rosalyn Harris. Unfortunately, Rosalyn met a most gruesome end. How gruesome? Well, check it out for yourself in the video at left.

Hennesy shared the screen with another GH alumni in the fifth season. Brianna Brown, who played GH sociopath Dr. Lisa Niles, also appeared in a brief, three-episode arc as faerie Leda, a dancer at nightclub "Hot Wings."

With cable's plethora of amazing series, including "Game of Thrones," "Ray Donovan" and "Boardwalk Empire" just to name a few, it seems likely we'll see more "General Hospital" faces popping up in the future. In the meantime, keep tuning in weekdays to ABC's last remaining soap, "General Hospital," to see what mayhem Port Charles will bring to its talented cast.

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