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Derek Medina-Murdered wife and posted to Facebook

Derek Medina of Miami-Dade County Florida. By now, your name will go down in infamy, and as you predicted on your Facebook page, you are now charged with murder in the first degree. You shot your wife Jennifer and posted it on Facebook. Thankfully, Jennifer’s 10 year old daughter was not harmed, at least not physically. The emotional turmoil that this young girl will have to endure for the rest of her life is just impossible to measure.

This was not just a violent crime, but it is the manner and the form of violence that was so horrendous; the megalomaniacal and egomaniacal posting of the picture on social media was his sick, twisted and violence-laden exclamation point. He boasted to the world and on his page of his crime. He even touted the fact that he would accept his punishment like a man. He seems to gloat. This is what the authorities revealed: “A post on a Facebook page identified as Medina's said at 11:11 .a.m. Thursday, ‘I’m going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys takecare Facebook people you will see me in the news.’” Make no mistake about this one, he really seemed to take pleasure out of these rants and photo. Earlier in the week, videos were posted on Youtube and also on his own Facebook page that were of him, working out in his martial arts studio. But the finale, the post of this poor woman, Jennifer, in a backward posture with her legs to the sides and blood on her, showed the extent of his violence and mayhem.

Unfortunately the page had been posted for a while (at least five hours) before authorities had taken it down. This couple already had a rocky start to their martial career as records show they were married in 2010, and divorced in 2012, and then married once again three months later. In an eerie twist, on a personal blog, someone named Derek Medina blogged of e-books that ranged from marriage bonding through communication all the way to people that see ghosts. It is not entirely certain they are one and the same.

Medina also posted pictures of the family having a meal beside a swimming pool, enjoying their time together it seems. Medina never called 911, but he did turn himself in after going to his family and confessing to his deadly deeds. Could anything have been done to stop this type of action, this type of violence from occurring? Only certain people are privy to this information, but in the ensuing months, more information is sure to reveal what we all want to know, and what we all need to do to stop these types of things from happening again.

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