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Deputy shoots daughter sneaking home: Mistook 16-year-old daughter for intruder

Deputy Shoots Daughter
Deputy Shoots Daughter
Caution Tape / Wikimedia Commons

A Virginia police deputy shot his daughter, unknowingly, as the 16-year-old teen was sneaking back into her home. Mistaking the figure for an intruder and shooting the daughter, the deputy then was involved in a car crash as he was racing the teen to the hospital.

Writes the USA Today: “After alerting 911, the deputy then crashed his car while racing her to the hospital, and emergency responders finished transporting her for treatment at Winchester Medical Center. The teen was shot once in her torso and was listed in stable condition Thursday. She suffered no additional injuries when her father, Loudoun County Sheriff's Deputy Easton McDonald, hit a barricade.”

McDonald said he thought his 16-year-old daughter was upstairs in her bedroom sleeping. The teen was actually slinking her way back into their Winchester home at approximately 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. McDonald had gotten up and was getting ready for work when the home’s alarm indicated that the garage door had been opened. Using his personal weapon, McDonald confronted the “stranger,” firing before his daughter could identify herself.

“He figured someone had broken into the garage, and his family was upstairs asleep,” Frederick County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Donnie Lang told the Washington Post. Lang said McDonald told him a “dark shape” was coming toward him, and he fired, shooting the person in the chest.

“Then he hears her voice and recognizes that it’s his daughter,” Lang said.

Writes the NY Daily News:

En route from his Lilys Way home, McDonald crashed his car near Cork St. and East Lane as he raced to Winchester Medical Center. A responding ambulance took the girl the rest of the way there, the station reported.

The teen is in stable condition, while her father, a 13-year veteran, has been placed on administrative leave as his department investigates the shooting.

“When [McDonald] went to go investigate what had set off the alarm, he heard some banging and rustling around in the garage,” said Lang. “At that particular point, he obtained a firearm that he had there in the kitchen area. Later on, it was determined that the daughter had snuck out hours earlier that morning, and was attempting to sneak back into the home.”

McDonald and his daughter suffered no additional injuries as a result of the car crash. However, media reports describe McDonald as "distraught" over the shooting incident.

He has been placed on administrative leave as investigators look into the shooting.

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