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Deputy shoots daughter: Mistaken as intruder, father shoots teen sneaking home

Sheriff's deputy shoots teen daughter thinking she was an intruder.
Sheriff's deputy shoots teen daughter thinking she was an intruder.

A Virginia sheriff’s deputy heard the house alarm blare in the wee hours of the morning and he jumped out of bed, grabbed his gun and thinking an intruder was in his garage he shot at him. It only took a second for the sheriff’s deputy to realize he just shot his 16-year-old daughter trying to sneak back into the house, according to Fox News on Aug. 15.

Easton McDonald shot his daughter in the torso, thinking that all his family members were sound asleep in their beds, which at 3:30 a.m., this is where they should be. The 13-year-veteran on the Loudon County Sheriff’s force saw nothing but a dark figure walk toward him when he reached the garage, reports MSN News today.

Realizing what he had just done, he scooped up his daughter and set out for the hospital in his vehicle after calling 911. On his way to the hospital the distraught father crashed his vehicle into a barricade. Paramedics came to that scene and removed his daughter from the car. Neither were hurt in this crash, but the girl still had a gunshot wound to contend with.

Captain Donnie Lang from the Frederick sheriff’s office told the media that McDonald didn’t realize it was his daughter he had just shot until he heard her voice. Today the teen is listed in stable condition at Winchester Medical Center and McDonald is placed on administrative leave as the crime is investigated.

This is a tough break for the father and law enforcement officer, but he was only defending his home. He thought his daughter was upstairs asleep. He had no way of knowing that she had quietly scooted out of the house earlier in the evening and she was just sneaking back in, or so she thought until she tripped the alarm.

Sneaking out after your parents retire for the evening is a stunt that a good number of teens do at least once before they hit adult age. Some reports have the deputy father awake and getting ready for work when he heard the garage alarm and other reports say his was sleeping and the alarm woke him up.

Either way, the father answered the alarm and the daughter, who is thankfully alive, probably learned her lesson about sneaking in and out of the house at night. This story really doesn't work for gun control advocates as the dad was a cop and he legally carried a gun.

Even if guns were banned across the U.S., he still would have had his because of his job. It does show that even the most experienced of gun owners can make a mistake, but the same can be said about a surgeon or a pilot who also hold the lives of people in their hands.

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