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Deputy Sheriff shot and killed, another wounded (shootout video)

Sheriff Deputy Suzanne Hopper was slain New Year's Day while investigating a shooting in Enon, Ohio.
Sheriff Deputy Suzanne Hopper was slain New Year's Day while investigating a shooting in Enon, Ohio.
Photo/Clark County SO

A Southwest Ohio Sheriff's Deputy was killed while investigating a shooting in Enon, Ohio, New Year's Day. A significant shootout ensued, resulting in another officer being wounded and the assailant being killed as well.

Clark County Deputy Suzanne Hopper, who was married last year and had two children, was shot as she tried to photograph a footprint in the Enon Beach mobile-home park in western Ohio, Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly said.

According to the Sheriff, Deputy Hopper, a 12-year veteran of the sheriff's department, was investigating a report of shots fired at about 11:30 when someone from inside one of the mobile homes opened fire with a shotgun, fatally wounding Hopper.

Officers from several departments responded to the scene upon the report of an officer down. A massive shootout ensued, some of which was caught on video. The amazing footage shows a second officer, German Township Officer Jeremy Blum, being shot in what appears to be the arm in a hail of gunfire between police and the suspect. (See video attached - CAUTION: scenes in this video could be considered graphic).

Sgt. Dustin White had accompanied Hopper to the trailer park, which is just southwest of Springfield and about 50 miles west of Columbus, and was interviewing a family whose trailer had been shot at when he heard Hopper scream, Kelly said.

"We believed we had an active shooter, which we did, and we wanted to get her some medical attention, but we didn't want to get anyone else shot," the sheriff said.

Kelly, who has been sheriff for 24 years, said he had hired Hopper in 1999 and had known her since the police academy.

"This," he said, "is the worst day of my entire law enforcement career."

Hopper, 40, was known for her dedication to the job and adherence to keeping herself safe, Kelly said. The 12-year veteran and former officer of the year was wearing a protective vest Saturday but it didn't shield her from the gunfire that killed her, he said.

"If she would have known there was a suspect in that trailer she'd have never walked that way without additional units and without taking cover," Kelly said.

Hopper once went six straight years without calling in sick and often put on charity events for the Special Olympics and other causes, Kelly said.

"Her personnel file is filled with accolades and commendations and always service before self," he said.

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