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Deputy rescues dog from interior of car: Owner had gone for a hike

Dog cools off in deputy's car
Dog cools off in deputy's car
Marion County Sheriff

According to Wednesday's press release from the Marion County Sheriff's Office in Ore., a woman was cited for neglect after going on a hike and leaving her small dog locked inside of a parked vehicle.

On Sunday, 22-year-old Victoria Nguyen of Beaverton set out for a hike in Silver Falls State Park. While Nguyen enjoyed the cool cover of the forest canopy, her small dog suffered inside of her vehicle which was parked and had been left with only slightly cracked windows.

Marion County Sheriff's deputies were alerted to the presence of the dog in the vehicle and by the time that they responded, they noted that the dog was unresponsive and panting. After briefly searching for the owner of the vehicle, Deputy Corey Larned was able to access the vehicle's interior and remove the overheated dog.

The deputy transported the stressed dog to his vehicle and turned the air-conditioning on high; moments later, the dog had recovered enough to stand and drink water.

Deputy Larned finally located the dog's owner - she told him that she had let the dog out for a potty break and then set off for her hike. The dog was believed to have been locked inside of the car, in direct sunlight, for over two hours; on the day of the incident, it was 90 degrees outside.

Ms. Nguyen was cited and released for Animal Neglect II, a B misdemeanor. According to the release, the dog was returned to Ms. Nguyen’s custody.

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