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Depuffing your eyes in a hurry

De-puffing gives a better canvas for every day makeup.
De-puffing gives a better canvas for every day makeup.
Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

We've all been there - whether it's allergies, a break up, a touching wedding or any other list of factors, we have all woken up with puffy eyes and needed to get rid of them in a hurry. When you need to make a good impression, but your eyes are still red and puffy from a late night sob fest, there are a few tricks you can use to de-puff them. Look no further than your kitchen and save your face.

1. Tea Bags: Caffeine is a key ingredient in all kinds of beauty treatments for good reason - it constricts the blood vessels. If you've got some black tea lying around, steep 2 tea bags in hot water for about five minutes. After the bags have cooled to the touch, lie down and place them on your eyes, covered in a washcloth or a hand towel. Leave them for about 25 minutes and follow with a good face wash.

2. A Gel Eye Mask: This lifesaver is an eye mask filled with a cooling gel. If you have one, keep it in the freezer so you can pull it out and throw it on in an emergency. Leave the mask on your eyes for 10-15 minutes to reduce the swelling enough to fix your eye makeup. If the cold is intolerable, wrap the mask in a wash cloth before putting it on your eyes. Some of these masks have ingredients like aloe and cucumber which can help to soothe your skin as well.

3. Cucumbers: Besides being a delicious snack, cucumbers also have an astringent quality that helps control puffiness and soothe skin. Cut a couple of small slices, and lie down placing them over your eyes. Leave them there for about 20 minutes, and you should notice a reduction in swelling and redness.

4. Ibuprofen: You may be one of those who gets extremely puffy following a crying spree. If so, the puff is likely also accompanied by a headache. Knock both of these symptoms out with Ibuprofen. Take two before you leave for work, and two more four hours later. Make sure that you stay hydrated throughout the day to help keep your blood flowing and your face glowing.

While the ideal time for a crying jag is the weekends, you can't always predict when life will hand you a blow. You can make sure that you always look your best by treating the swelling the following morning. And let it out. Crying is good for the soul - but it doesn't have to make you feel ugly.

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