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Depression and Motivation

work and depression
work and depression
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Lately, I've been having motivation issues. The past few years I have been battling with bouts of depression and it has been affecting every inch of my life.

I started questioning what I was doing for my career and where my life was going or more like not going. I started to execute a plan to leave my job and move on to another career but as school got closer the more I started to dread every day to come.

After being laid off of work, the depression started to get worse. I was sleeping practically all day only waking up to eat and then go back to sleep. School was approaching and I couldn’t handle the amount of work, the lack of communication and lack of support that I ended up dropping out of nursing school. I have a hard time forgiving myself for leaving school, but I had this deep down gut feeling that I should leave. As I get better the more I question whether it was the depression talking or my true passions were being revealed.

I have lost a lot of my motivation for working out or doing anything else these days. Its tough to get out of this mental mind-set, but that is just the thing; it is all a mental game. Being able to pick myself up and try again is what needs to be done, but it’s easier said than done. Life is a mental game that you play with yourself, which pertains to all aspects of life.

What keeps me motivated to work out at least is the saying "no one ever regrets going to the gym" and that gets me to get up and go to the gym. The workouts are helping a bit and I try to walk as much as I can and get out into the sun to help combat the depression. Some days I’m really good but other days I struggle with daily tasks. Each day I’m getting better but its still tough. I take serotonin supplements to help with the depression as well, it just takes time to recharge and get better. I try to keep a positive outlook by telling myself that it will get better I just need time.