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Depression and Christianity

We are living in a challenging time as Christians, however that does not mean we fall into the circumstances surrounding us. This is a time when we should be drawing closer to Christ. Yet so many fall into the mindset that is given by the media and the world, that of loss and despair.

This past week we witnessed Robin Williams breaking to the point of taking his own life. The reports surrounding Robin Williams, point to depression, money, bankruptcy and a feeling of hopelessness. This was news that broke our hearts as he gave so much laughter to this world and gave so much to those around him. What drew a man like him to this tragic end? Deciding it was too much to keep moving forward. He left behind children that will truly miss their dad, he was found by his assistant so the pain only begins to intensify for them.

What drew him to this point in life? Was it money? Was it greed from his ex-wives? Was it a pain in his heart far to difficult to put to words? Why didn't someone see his pain before he took his life? Why do those same people today say he was loved and will be missed? Why weren't they there when Robin felt the pain and despair? Did he cry out for help or did he hide his pain?

So many questions surrounding depression and suicide that may never be answered. The hope in this tragedy is that those suffering from depression or those contemplating suicide will reach out and cry for help. You see everyone at one point or another experiences so level of depression, the difference comes in the crying out for help. Trying to conquer depression on your own is far to much to handle, you need to cry out for help. There is nothing to be embarrassed about in asking for help with depression. I want to say this again: There is nothing to be embarrassed about in asking for help with depression!

You see as Christians with a personal relationship with Christ can be delivered from the pain of depression and be healed. Jesus is the Great Physician, there is NOTHING He cannot heal, if we ask and believe. How is your relationship with Jesus today? Have you strayed away, been too busy, or perhaps something else? You know Jesus NEVER leaves us He is ALWAYS there for us, we are His Children fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. All we need to do is turn to Him and believe.

The tragedy's of this world are tragedy's if they do not KNOW Jesus personally. There is no hope only more pain. The mind is so powerful that is can destroy a person, however Jesus can conquer that power if you ask Him to. Trust me it is not easy out there today, so many things in life that affect us daily. It is about how we respond to them and do we turn to Jesus and the Bible for answers of just follow the norm of this world.

I write this as one who has experienced much in this life from abuse (before Christ) to losing everything we had, the thing is I drew closer to Jesus through it all, clinging tightly and in some cases screaming out to Him. No where in the Bible does it say our life as believers will be a bed of roses, however it does promise us that He will never leave us! Today I look back at what the Lord has brought us through and I am grateful. The experiences and victories are priceless.

I challenge you today to draw closer to the Lord and cry out for help, don't just throw in the towel and walk away!

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