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Depression and anger striking the first blow

Depression and anger striking the first blow

The brilliance of Robin Williams comedic genius is proof that it is possible to put your own emotional feelings aside for the sake of work. Someone who struggled with his own demons every day had the courage to keep giving the gift of laughter to the world. It is said the best way to heal yourself is to heal others.

Depression is anger spread thin.” –George Santayana

It’s anger turned inward. It’s anger that is involved in a struggle it never should have been involved in, in the first place. You are angry, you’ve reached a boiling point yet you are stuck, you can’t release your anger like you want to on your loved one or whomever it is you are so mad at. To be so angry and not release it so that it turns into depression is completely unhealthy. Maybe you are afraid to do the right thing for fear it would hurt others, but you are the one hurting instead.

You stay stuck living in the controlling or abusive situation; you won’t stand up for yourself You numb or deny your feelings, you are lost. You back down on your emotions you nod your head in agreement backing down from expression and making choices big ones and small ones. A depression is highly explosive inner conflict creating a severe chemical distortion in the body.

“Who would be free themselves must strike the first blow.” –Frederick Douglass

If you can deal with the anger before it moves on to depression For every new trigger or button pushed an emotional explosion brings to the surface all of the past unresolved conflicts. In the beginning if you had dealt with your anger each time it came up over every instance, it would have meant confronting a parent or parents, teachers, siblings, neighbors, relative. You are not angry at them but at yourself for not being able to stand up for yourself at the start of your life and even more so now. It’s an inability to fulfill you both past and present.

You have to deal with and focus on the present; if only one baby step at a time Your body’s health reflects how much you honor your values and abilities. When you decide to ignore or deny the change you resist ‘the call,’ your true nature calling. This instance calls on your hormones, brain and spinal cord, your central nervous system to change the balance of your body immediately, and it does. Everyone wants to know why Robin Williams died/committed suicide. We need to understand that what is a national or global crisis mirrors back to us our individual processes. We are one and it has a powerful impact on us all.

The struggle of depression is a moral one If there is no struggle than there is no progress. You want the ocean without it’s roar, wanting crops without tilling the ground is like a young woman walking to the alter, only for the trimmings of the wedding, and then leaving. The conflict was exciting and all-absorbing. Now how do you deal with the oppression and all the wrongs heaped up on you.

People are exhausted, drained and stressed out beyond what they are capable of handling Taking the time to slow down the pace of life to assess what is happening would be the best case scenario but it is not always possible. Depending on what’s going on in any one’s life at any given time, only healing ourselves is what is true to life. How do we help a world that seems to be getting worse and worse? We need to recognize the depth of our souls; we need to make peace with the angry depression in the now. We must trust the magnetic creative force of our center, our truths and our instincts. We must dig up what is our depression because it is from this place evolves everything else.

You have to do the work of removal and appreciate on all parts your struggle to improve your condition. If one suicide of our beloved shows us anything it is to fear the consequences of not standing our own ground and that it is worth the work with all our might. The progression towards our own individual freedom and the elevation of us all.

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