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Depression and a lengthy job hunt sometimes go together

Positive thinking can help to fight depression.
Positive thinking can help to fight depression.
Dan Vale

This article discusses how to avoid depression, which can impair a successful job hunt, as well as long term career success. If unemployed people, for example, are depressed, they are more likely to make rash career decisions. Depressed job hunters sometimes decide to take any job.

Some ways to prevent depression are to eat a healthy diet, to get regular exercise, to do something enjoyable for relaxation, and to know when to consult a health professional.

Also, depression and insomnia often occur together. People with persistent insomnia have triple the chances of developing depression. It is important, therefore, for people to avoid insomnia.

Unemployed people also must avoid becoming isolated, which increases their chances of becoming depressed. Career support groups help unemployed people give each other strength and expertise.

Unemployed people, especially men, often are too ashamed of their unemployment status, and they keep it a secret. A much better strategy is to use networking to find a job.

Unemployed people’s thoughts, good or bad, often lead to their feelings, good or bad. If unemployed people, for example, think only about the job they no longer have, they are more likely to develop feelings of depression. If, on the other hand, they realize that unemployment might give them a chance to continue their education, they might realize that, especially with more education, they might qualify for more desirable jobs than the ones that they lost.

As priest and author, Robert Farrar Capon, once said, “The shock of unemployment becomes a pathology in its own right.” Do not let this happen to you.

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