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Depression: A mental illness

With the recent news of Robin Williams death we have learned a lot about how serious depression really is. We may all experience times of sadness, stress and worry at some point in our lives and these are natural responses to certain life events. These symptoms may come and go or resolve on their own which allows us to carry on with our lives. However, in other cases, these symptoms do not disappear, they become chronic and begin to affect your day to day life. Whether you suffer from mild to moderate depression or severe depression there are treatment options and it is important to not overlook this.

Depression can affect your life and health in a variety of ways, it can affect your emotions, how you think and change your outlook on life. In Robin Williams case it led to death, this is a severe example, but it opens ones eyes to what depression is capable of. Depression is not a sign of weakness, it is a serious chronic illness and taking the necessary steps to find treatment is a sign of strength. Alongside anxiety, depression is extremely prevalent in today’s society with approximately 14.8 million adults in the United States suffering from major depression. Therefore, it is extremely important that one addresses the symptoms early, as mild to moderate symptoms can be handled effectively using over the counter supplements.

There are many traditional treatment options for depression such as antidepressants and other prescription medications, but the list of side effects is tremendous. Some side effects may even worsen your current symptoms. There is also the option of counseling, but this can become expensive. An alternative treatment option is a natural mood enhancement supplement such as serelax. Serelax, just as other natural supplements, contains all natural ingredients which are associated with fewer side effects and are ideal for reducing symptoms of mild to moderate depression. They are more suitable for long term use and may make you more receptive to other forms of treatment such as counseling or lifestyle changes. So if you are one of the many Americans suffering with depression do not hesitate to look into treatment, you have options.

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