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He sees some things are worth being happy about; awareness in the consequences of sadness also good.
He sees some things are worth being happy about; awareness in the consequences of sadness also good.
AP Photo/ Chris Pizzello

       Depression is a state of mind closely described visually by others, as a lack of joy, a sense of apathy, and a state of menacing solitude.  This including, keeping to one's self or harming themselves physically, and to simply put it, to tolerate how much pain can be at stake. 

This pain that is caused to oneself is the brunt of a trauma or say from a weakness area in and on one's life or what's in the person themselves.  The focus on this pain is actually a misleading guide to satisfy what is missing on the inside. 

The basis to depression and the weapon is, is to have you believe there is nothing you can know to see or experience whether you are happy or not.  Or with the case of, ascetism, (overindulging in order to excavate the toleration of the extremities in unusual methods).  The "happiness" or sacrifice starts with these ascetics indulging in the fleshly desires on the flesh or what have you which would most likely be harmful. Or for some matters different than a sacrifice to share a piece of bread with none for yourself.

In taking drugs, and cutting or mutilating of the skin, this display of perhaps say, corrupt behavior in social society, is their statement ingrained in the need to express, the blocking out of the label called determination, accepting and using of own tools found only in self, for self if kept in secret or otherwise. 

Innocently speaking, depression is more of a lure, which looks like a need to have or in other terms: a position to fill.  Depression doesn't make you see that going down is harmful and that's how it starts. 

The intiial key would be to use a comeback by using same tool, belief or hope in that something and its gonna be in it today.  Everything today; with dreams lodged in prosperity in your heart and never boasting about tomorrow.


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