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'Depressed' teen commits suicide after posting Facebook hint

 Crime scene tape (file photo)
Crime scene tape (file photo)
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Fifteen-year-old Jayah Ram-Jackson is dead from an apparent suicide. Sources say days before the teenager jumped to her death from a building in New York's Upper West Side Thursday, the teen posted a hint of her imminent death on her Facebook page. Jackson was said to be depressed at the time of the fatal jump, citing a Feb. 14 New York Post report.

Allegedly, the 15-year-old teen accessed the rooftop of her grandmother’s high-rise Amsterdam Avenue building. She then jumped and fell 27 stories, landing on the West 94th Street side of the structure.

A woman who works near the site of the fatal jump recounts hearing an eerie noise, reportedly the moment Jayah struck the ground.

I heard something that I wish I could unhear [sic]. It sounded like a 'thump,' or a 'poof.' I didn't know what it was at first. It sounded like snow falling off the building, said the woman known only as Jen.

After learning of the teen's death from suicide, neighbors gathered at the scene and expressed shock over her untimely death.

The doorman let her in because they've all seen her before. They must have assumed she was visiting the grandmother. She went straight to the roof and jumped."

Undoubtedly, a police investigation is delving into why Jayah took her own life. However, a post on Facebook may offer some clues behind the apparent suicide.

I'm actually just going to wait for someone to make a petition for me to kill myself because it's inevitable. . . like, we all see it coming," wrote Ram-Jackson on her Facebook page, reportedly on Tuesday.

Investigators say the young girl had a history of depression and mental health issues, but police are likely probing deeper to rule out other factors.

A "RIP Jayah Shaileya Ram Jackson" Facebook page was set up as an online memorial for the fallen teenager. Someone posted a moving tribute to Jayah despite not being an online "friend" on the social media site.

It read in part:

Jayah, I'm not even your friend on Facebook, I didn't know you too well, but your few appearances in my life changed it for the better. It's those small things that count, smaller than you'd realize. You were one of those people who helped me when I truly needed it one year ago. Yet all you did was say, 'Hello,' to me in the hallway. And as the last day of me attending NEST+M came around, I said to myself, “I’m not going to forget her for a long time...

...I don't know much of what else to say Jayah. I’m sorry, I wish I did something. I can't ever forget that you helped me last year by simply saying 'Hi,' to me in the hallway. Thank you for unintentionally helping me emotionally last year, I wish I had done the same. Rest in Peace."

It's always difficult to hear news about someone dying by their own hand. Nonetheless, it’s particularly hard to bear witness to the fact that a teen committed suicide, a young beautiful angel.

On many occasions, the tragic end is only learned about after the terminal moment (suicide note). But Jayah left a telltale clue that sent out a red flag. That said, the question is: could someone have intervened to save her? No one really knows, but her tragic death underscores the power of social media and how debilitating depression really is.

Rest in peace Jayah Ram-Jackson.


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