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Depressed dog appears resigned to tragic fate at south Florida shelter

Very sad and scared, Zeus needs an angel to rescue him. Please share his story.
Kathy Irey

Zeus shakes uncontrollably in a kennel at the Clewiston Animal Control; he cowers in the corner as the door is opened and his food bowl is placed gently on the floor. There are obvious signs of old injuries; perhaps his left leg had been broken in the past, toes on his paw may have also have been broken, and there seems to be some pronounced trouble with his hip as he slowly moves from one side of his kennel to the other.

Not once however has young Zeus growled or shown any aggression to his caretakers, but his emotional agony is very obvious.

This pit bull mix is in dire need of an experienced person or rescue who can help him cope with his suspected abusive past. A volunteer writes:

"He has not growled at me once or try to strike at me, he appears to be resigned. No words can express the intense agony he is in emotionally. Someone, somewhere has horribly mistreated this boy."

A Facebook page has been set up for Zeus helping to raise awareness of the dog's desperate plight, provide a soft blanket to sleep upon and raise funding to help a qualified rescue deal with the dog's anticipated medical expenses and future care.

Clewiston Animal Control is a small rural facility and receives limited financial help. The staff is aware volunteers are trying to finding a suitable placement for Zeus, and he is safe for now.

Zeus' story has been shared 2,300 times. Please continue to share with your friends, family and coworkers to help a terrified dog find out that life can be wonderful.

If you would like to help Zeus, please call Clewiston Animal Control at (863)-228-0449 or follow the thread trying to help Zeus by clicking here.

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