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Depressed and no longer eating, blue and white pittie scheduled to die

UPDATE: I am saddened to report that Pamela was euthanized at the New York City Animal Care and Control Tuesday afternoon. Sadly, Pamela's anxiety, when anyone would touch her face after some culprit cut her ears off, (most likely with a scissors) demanded that this lovely dog only be released to an approved rescue organization. No one stepped forward.

Please refer to Pamela's registration number as A0993124 when inquiring about her rescue.
Urgent Death Row Dogs Part 2 New York City Animal Care and Control

Rest in peace Pamela.

Pamela, also known as Pretty, was last assessed to be dull, depressed, and not eating. Brought into the Brooklyn shelter of New York City Animal Care and Control on March 5, do her natural instincts warn her of a dismal fate?

At Pamela's initial assessment, her ears were swollen and very inflamed. Although she has shown no aggression to anyone, the following description states her rescue must be "New Hope" because of her need for medical intervention:

"Helper Dog: A0992545 Notes: Due to Pamela's medical condition she was partially assessed. She is very uncomfortable and tenses up when the assessor collared her. She is being treated for ear infection. We cannot determine how much of an effect it is having, but she is sensitive to being touched and handled since intake and we do not have any known history. She is best suited to placement through a new hope partner who can complete the medical treatment and then reassess her behavior."

Pamela is only four-years-old; apparently has been bred over and over again. Her ears may have been cut off with a pair of scissors.

Tail between her legs, scared to death and on the schedule to be euthanized today, Pamela's life will be over if no one comes to her rescue.

Here is a volunteer comment about Pamela:

"★ VOLUNTEER COMMENT by Kristi Grunsten ★ I have walked Pamela several times and she is a sweetheart!! She does not want to be touched around her face, but I think it is because of her ears. She shakes her head a lot, and her ears look really rough. Otherwise she is very 'waggy' and playful. She seems house trained and knows "sit". Hope someone takes a chance on this angel".

More information about Pamela can be read by clicking here.

Please share Pamela's story with your friends, relatives, and coworkers.

Donations for a qualified rescue organization are currently being pledged to help with Pamela's medical bills and rehabilitation.

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Please be sure to watch Pamela's short video.

Instructions on how to foster or adopt from the New York City Animal Care and Control can be found by clicking here.

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