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Depressed, 13-year-old dog, surrendered by owner due to 'old age'

Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter

On Wednesday, the Hempstead Town Animal Shelter in Wantagh, N.Y., posted an urgent request to help find an owner surrendered 13-year-old Portuguese Sheepdog mix a home.

The following request, along with the dog's photo, was posted to the animal shelter's Facebook page:

NEEDS A HOME NOW!!!!! Blackie was SURRENDERED by his owner due to old age and because he had accidents in the house!!!!! Blackie is as sweet as can be and is SO SO SAD, we can't even tell you!

The shelter provided veterinary information on the elderly dog - they stated:

Blackie has been neutered, we gave him a dental, he's only 36 pounds, and we performed an X-ray which showed some wear and tear on Blackie's spine (all normal for his age) and NO issues with his bladder which would make him have house training problems.

Blackie likes other dogs and cats and is sweet with people, DESPITE BEING DUMPED AT A SHELTER BY THE ONE PERSON IN HIS LIFE WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT HIM. Blackie is said to be very sweet in the home, and just wants human attention, and is afraid of thunder and fireworks and is friendly with children and strangers.

And finally, a desperate request for Blackie's information to be shared far and wide with the hopes that he can leave the facility and join a new family soon:

Please, we need a forever home for this angel ASAP - Call the shelter NOW at 516-785-5220 and ask to speak to an Adoption Counselor. And if you can't adopt, PLEASE SHARE WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

Find Blackie's Facebook thread here.

Petfinder link here.

Adoption or other inquiries - please call 516-785-5220

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