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Depp’s movie with daughter aligns with Bible

Actor Johnny Depp speaks onstage at Spike TV's 'Don Rickles
Actor Johnny Depp speaks onstage at Spike TV's 'Don Rickles
Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Spike TV

According to an August 20 article in the NY Daily News; Johnny Depp has agreed to star in a movie with his daughter. Lilly-Rose Depp and dad will star in the comic book movie “Yoga Hosers;” described as a horror comedy.

According to the website; Depp has been in 42 movies and 5 documentaries in his acting career. Depp also has 5 movies in various stages of production. Depp (and daughter) joins Ryan and Tatum O’Neal and Henry and Jane Fonda as famous fathers and daughters starring in movies. The movie centers around teenagers who band together in an effort save a 12th grade party.

The Bible offers readers a number of different impacts and end results of people that do not follow. It encourages children in Ephesians to honor their parents. It calls on fathers to avoid provoking children in Colossians. Most importantly, the book of Proverbs instructs parents to train children in the way they should go. Does Depp’s movie with daughter represent or demonstrate poor training?

100 Christian parents and the 30 children with them were asked if they would ever do a movie with their parent or child. Over 75% (77) stated that doing a movie with their child would be fun. Less than half (44) of the parents surveyed stated that the type of movie would influence their decision. Only 10% (3) of the children surveyed said that they would star in a movie with their parents.

One of the highlights of the Bible is its outline of the relationship between parents and children. It does not offer vague expectations or ambiguous rules. Rather, it shares what each can expect if the scriptures are followed, and if they are not. Is there anything wrong with what Depp is doing?