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Deport Bieber & other repeat criminals

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Over 200,000 people have signed a petition that calls on the White House website asks the federal government to “deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card.”Although Bieber came to the country legally, he has violated several laws and has become an annoyance to many. Bieber was detained yet again arriving for the Super Bowl. Some argue that Bieber should get an amnesty from his crimes due to the tax revenue he generates, but with so much corruption in the Obama Administration, it is likely that tax funds from Justin Bieber would be wasted on another crony Green Company, more NSA equipment, foreign aid to some 3rd world dictator, or even tax rebates to illegal aliens.

There are illegal aliens in this country that have done far more crimes than The Bieber and didn't even enter the country legally who could be given an amnesty from deportation. United States House Republicans are being pressured by the Big Money Consultant Class types to repackage yet another amnesty attempt. There are 3 hispanics in arrested in Pulaski County alone who are on hold for another agency. If everyone who knew about Bieber's crimes knew about the crimes of illegal aliens, public outrage would force D.C. to enforce immigration law & honor the enforcement aspects of the 86 amnesty deal. Fight against the media's effort to hide the negative aspects of illegal immigration and demand Congress fight against the bureucrats refusing to enforce immigration law.


Texas is having to deal with illegal immigration.


T.W. Shannon, who recently announced that he is running for the United States Senate, articulated on the Wilkow show how Oklahoma's self deportation laws helped his state's economy. If you live in West Arkansas and there isn't a political event already happening, see if you can help this true immigration reformer.


A candidate who beat the establishments of both parties talks about the GOP's failed immigration reform plan.


I wonder how many Chamber of Commerce members took advantage of this illegal alien distribution business? Arkansas is among several states mentioned in this story.