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Deployed Soldier’s German shepherd thought to have been stolen

"Zara" German shepherd missing in Maryland
"Zara" German shepherd missing in Maryland
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The Soldier, whose gorgeous German shepherd disappeared on July 28, has called from Afghanistan several times, distraught with worry that Zara, his beloved companion is missing.

What’s worse, searchers now believe his dog could have been stolen. This morning law enforcement officials in the Annapolis suburb of Millersville, Md., have joined the search.

The Soldier, so far only identified as Jon, is due home soon. Before leaving, he placed Zara with a foster mom through the agency Dogs on Deployment.

When Zara first ran into the woods on July 28, about 4:30 p.m., near the crossroads of St. Stephen’s Church Road and Chesterfield Road, most thought she had bolted in search of her Soldier. But now, after professional dog trackers have not picked up a scent, it is believed that Zara was taken by someone in a car.

Good Samaritans have been known to pick up dogs and try to locate their owners, but searchers now have a working lead on a “person of interest” who could have captured the beautiful dog. The goal is to get Zara home, not prosecute anyone.

If in fact, Zara is still roaming the woods, anyone with information or thinks they have seen a dog fitting Zara's description, should call Sarah at 410-215-1809 or 443-249-5350. Sarah has given permission for her contact numbers to be posted online in an effort to find the missing dog.

Zara was last seen wearing a bright pink collar with contact information embroidered on it. She is micro-chipped; she is also spayed.

Mostly black, with tan legs and under belly, Zara is friendly and loves to play with other dogs and toys. She will come to her name “Zara” but also responds to being called “Z”.

Readers are reminded that dogs can travel far and fast. Please log on to the Facebook page Help Bring Zara Home or contact Dogs On Deployment and give as much information as possible if you have knowledge of the dog or the person who might have her.

It’s hard to imagine the heartbreak of not only losing Zara, but having to be the one to break the news to her Soldier before he comes home.

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