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Department of Defense issues ‘final notices’ to Army officers in combat

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In a move that has left some shaking their heads, the Department of Defense has sent “pre-pink slip” notices to thousands of Soldiers currently deployed in the war zone.

More than 1,100 Army captains and an undisclosed number of Army majors will get a final notice in the next couple of weeks saying “thank you for your service to our country, but...”

As the entire military, across the branches, sheds personnel in record numbers, the move to rid the Army of captains and majors wasn’t unexpected, but for a deployed officer to get the notification in the middle of war, and probably while commanding a military unit, seems unthinkable. And there will be more to come.

The Marines are taking a different, less ruthless, approach in reducing the size of the Corps. Marines with 15 or more years of service are offered early retirement. Any Marine who is passed over twice for a promotion will be shown the door.

Soldiers returning from combat face a multitude of problems, now, over one thousand of them will also face unemployment.

With the last of the combat forces leaving Afghanistan by the end of the year and with severe Defense Department cuts, the overall goal is to decrease the current military by over 100,000 troops in the next few months; a force reduction not seen since before World War II.

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