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Deontay Wilder: Is he the missing piece to the heavyweight puzzle?

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Fight Sports
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On Saturday night March 15th in Bayamon, Puerto Rico heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder also known as 'The Bronze Bomber' did what he does best and that's knockout fighters early. He defeated Malik Scott (36-2-1) in the first round to add to his long list of knockouts. Wilder remains undefeated with his 31st straight knockout. No fighter has gone past 4 rounds with him.

He stopped Scott with a powerful left punch to the temple followed by a quick right that sent him crashing to the canvas. It was only a minute and thirty-six seconds of the first round. What the heavyweight division is lacking and has lacked for years now is knockouts. Fans want to see knockouts in any division, but definitely with the heavyweights. Deontay Wilder just might be the answer.

The heavyweight division has not seen anyone of Wilder's caliber for quite a while. He is gifted with devastating knockout power in both hands. He steps in the ring at 6 ft 7 inches with an 84 inch reach and less than 2 percent body fat. When he let his hands go, they are like bombs aiming to do damage. He was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and currently promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. He won an Olympic Bronze Medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.

After the fight, 28 year-old Wilder said, "My power is crazy, it's unstoppable. It's like a missile." The way he's demolishing these fighters has stirred up that division. There hasn't been anyone like him since the days of 'ferocious' Mike Tyson. Boxing fans want excitement while watching these big heavyweights go at it. It's definitely something that's been missing of late and seems to have put that whole weight division into a deep sleep or coma for that matter.

Wilder’s very next fight will be a WBC title shot against the winner of Bermane Stiverne and Chris Arreola. This is when things are really going to heat up. As his level of competition starts to rise the more popular he will become. He has made it known that his plans are to unify all the heavyweight belts and bring them back to the United States. For those of you who don’t know boxing, that means soon he will be going after the two famous Klitschko brothers who has dominated the heavyweight division for some time and still holds it all.

The main event from this weekend was a shocker. Undefeated light welterweight champion Danny Garcia barely got by Maurico Herrera in a fight that could have easily gone the other way. The outcome of this fight will probably haunt Garcia's boxing record for the rest of his life. The judges gave a majority decision win to the busted up face Garcia who seemed could never get it going against Herrera.

In the minds of many who watched this fight including Showtime's three ringside analyst thought Herrera won more rounds than Garcia and presented a fight plan that troubled the younger fighter throughout the fight. There were boos and more boos when the announcement of the winner was made. During the after fight interview, Garcia made it known that he may be moving up to the welterweight division—"Making weight is becoming a problem for him," said the champ.

This event was put on by Showtime and promoted by Golden Boy Promotions. The event took place in Garcia's parents homeland and Puerto Rican roots. It was attended by a robustious crowd of over 10,000 in the arena. This time home court advantage was truly an advantage for Garcia with the judging and should also serve as a real wake-up call regarding his unblemished boxing record.

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