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Denzel Washington detox: Publicist shares that rumors aren't tru

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Reports came out that Denzel Washington was going through detox, but now his publicist is speaking out about this and says that it is not true. On Saturday, ET Online shared what his publicist had to say about it all. The original reports came out that he had to spend July detoxing. Denzel is a great actor who has done a lot of amazing movies.

Denzel's publicist spoke out about it all. He said, "He does this health cleanse every time he's about to go back to work and start his conditioning and nutritional program. Always cleans up after the family vacation in prep for work. Nothing new." It sounds like this is not a big deal at all and there is nothing to worry about, but fans were still wondering what was going on with him.

TMZ originally shared that he had been staying at a New York residence for two weeks where he was actually detoxing. Reports are that he took month off before this and was out on a yacht partying hard. He was with his wife on the trip and having a great time, but maybe it was too good of a time.

This detox was to detox his body from everything. He didn't want alcohol in his system, but it was a lot more than just the alcohol. Denzel Washington is back to work and will be promoting his newest movie. The movie "The Equalizer" will be coming out on September 26. He will be playing Robert McCall, a former black ops commando. His character faked his death. Now that he has his body feeling better he is ready to get to work and be busy for a while. He will be on a worldwide tour that is going to keep him pretty busy.