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Denying Evil Behavior is a Form of Elitism

The observer Malaporte was describing Americans after the liberation of Naples in 1941; as being the "elite" - which can apply today. A large part of the world tends to choose barbarism holding the U.S. Government still by self styled narcassist who have never seen a fight and whose colleagues who decide that the smallest infraction is grounds for a lawsuit.

Our priviledged society makes the assumption that man can be brought to the point of reason provided he has incentive. Top universities who do not acknowledge patriots feel that words are a viable substitute for action, and through faulty reasoning techniques feel that we are to blame for the problems. Acting as junkies for negotiation with a narrow perspective.

Never facing adversity (evil) and in denial of joy some people take in torture and murder. 1994 saw an article published by Ralph Peters titled, "The New Warrior Class", making note the future enemies and terrorist,tribal militias, pirates, global thugs, fighting for faith, ethnic supremacy, and old fashioned loot would be of the same class.

Civilian Defense Experts are shocked when they observed that certain people preferred doing others harm with violence being elevated giving them the power they so want. An analogy would be that if negotiations is heroin, violence would be an amphetamine. Men of learning would be quick to deny military history's lessons of violence intoxication.

The lessons can be reviewed from Troy, Rwanda, the Congo, Serbia, and the conflict in the Ukraine. Armies would certainly not be needed if killing is distasteful (no need for the police or law). Homer's philosophy and the Old Testament demonstrates human misbehavior. One train of thought is that some enemies of civilization and life should be killed to protect the rest. Redeeming evil men is the work of God. o deny the evil would force Protection for Americans and people around the globe from to name a few people who bomb schools, clinics, tortures, and murderers. Educated people giving in to their religious beliefs need to come from behind their bastions of ignorance and see the world for what it is.

Citing Karl Marx doesn't mean the Leftist have read his theories. Reading thru his words they would find that he is not advocating helping the downtrodden, but warning of the " Lumpenproletariat" (below working class level). Any society would be in danger listening and following because of their tendency for violent and reckless behavior. Radical Islam's empowerment or ethnic supremacist movements are seen throughout the Middle East and Africa. Educated leaders are the renegades using their recruits to commit atrocities like beheadings, throat cuttings, and assassinations of infidels in the name of Allah.They were once powerless, now having a gun and a cause, their misconduct can be brought to the forefront. Their innocent victims cannot help to stir our conscieniousness. Our counterinsurgency experts, who being narrow minded in their thinking refused refused to believe the lessons of two millennia of that violent extremist should be killed. Blood fueled religious fanaticism must be stopped at all cost.

As attorneys we must look within to our moral turpitude. Whether we are defending the plaintiff, or defendant we have a duty to review the law to the fullest and not deny the courts being domestic or international any hidden information. We must constantly review or case studies, and precedents, to come with a fair legal analysis under the law. As with any power hungry aggression misrepresentation is the key (along with murder, kidnapping, and rape to name a few).

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