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Denver will have the first 420 rally with legalized marijuana

All eyes will be on Denver, Colorado this Sunday when the first 420 rally will be held since the legalization of marijuana in the state in January. But there are some things that one must keep in mind if traveling to the rally.

Marijuana is still illegal in airports. It should be safe to say that security will be tight when it comes to drug searches. Do not even try to convince the TSA agent that the pot in the luggage is okay because it was legally bought in Colorado. Federal law always prevails over state law, and by federal law, marijuana use is still illegal.

Although many marijuana enthusiasts will be present at the rally, it will be in public. Colorado bans public smoking. So lighting up at 4;20 will be discouraged. Best bet is to go to a friend's house or hotel room that allows it.

Aside from that, bring a positive vibe and get involved with interacting with others as well as the vendors to learn more about pot itself, the industry, and where it's heading for the future. And most of all, enjoy this great day in the history of many people's favorite green plant!

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