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Denver Tea Partiers gearing up for rally on Thursday

There will be plenty of creative signs at the Denver Tax Day Tea Party on Thursday
There will be plenty of creative signs at the Denver Tax Day Tea Party on Thursday
Kathleen Baker

Tea Partiers in Colorado are preparing for their annual Tax Day rally at the Colorado State Capitol on Thursday. The event will run from 10 am to 1 pm, followed by an additional half hour of candidate speeches. Hear Us Now, the hosts of the event, announced an additional speaker yesterday, Stan Weekes of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform.

Organizers recommend bringing plenty of food and water as well as cameras. The Peoples Press Collective will be providing live stream coverage of the Denver Tax Day Tea Party on Thursday for those who cannot attend.

There’s a buzz on the street that those who oppose liberty, the U.S. Constitution, and fiscal responsibility are planning to infiltrate the crowd and cause trouble. Organizers have plenty of security and police and say the few who are disruptive will be promptly removed. As usual, they say the best way to handle counter protesters is to not engage with them and walk away. The event is billed as family-friendly and non-partisan.

In addition, local Tea Partiers are telling their members to arm themselves with video cameras and film all deviant behavior. They plan on having fun with the plants. One Tea Partier has already created several “I’m standing next to a leftist infiltrator” signs with arrows and plans to hand them to fellow Tea Partiers so they can follow them around, pointing out the troublemakers. The liberty activists also plan on circulating afterwards the pictures of those who pose as Tea Partiers and act inappropriately to their memberships and the blogosphere to determine their true identities and backgrounds.


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