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Denver sounds off about mosque construction at ground zero

Yes, it’s true. Plans are underway for a mosque construction just two blocks from ground zero. As an American, I am astounded at the insensitivity of this plan. Would we allow the KKK to march in a Martin Luther King parade, or the Japanese to build a memorial at Pearl Harbor? In the interest of tolerance, we may just be inciting racial/religious wars.

Here’s what Denver has to say:

"I abhor the idea!" -Helen Mackovjak Williams, Colorado Springs, CO

"Build a mosque near ground zero? I'm for it, if in turn we can build Christian churches throughout Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc." – Pastor Dave Frahm, Colorado Springs, CO

I don't support this location for the mosque. - Tatyanna Vander, Westminster, CO

I think it's disrespectful to the dead. – Denise Holmes, Parker, Co

It is the epitome of bad taste. A horrible decision. - Robbie Iobst, Centennial, Co

Watch the clip below to hear what our president thinks. Now tell us what you think!


  • Profile picture of mel
    mel 3 years ago

    I am so ashamed...glad I didn't vote for the man....

  • Profile picture of Jess d'Arbonne
    Jess d'Arbonne 3 years ago

    The terrorists have won when we spout this kind of hate about other American citizens. "Religious freedom and freedom of expression... but only for people who are just like me." That's all I can see in those quotes. Muslim Americans died on 9/11 too.

  • Profile picture of Jan Parrish
    Jan Parrish 3 years ago

    Careful, Jess, your naivety is showing. This is about politics, not religion.

  • Profile picture of Katie O'Rourke
    Katie O'Rourke 3 years ago

    this is definately about politics which is why right wing politicians and fox news had no problem with this until election season.
    groundlessly connecting the millions of muslim americans (not to mention the billion worldwide, some of which our military is supposedly protecting with their lives) to fanatics is dangerous and so well timed to drum up fanatical supporters of right wing politicians.
    it very well may not be bigotry that is making right wing politicians scare their constituents about minorities taking over the country, but it's hard to pretend they aren't banking on it helping them get elected.
    this is a distraction from the real bad guys. they're scapegoating minorities and poor people while politicians and corporations get away with murder.

  • Profile picture of Katie O'Rourke
    Katie O'Rourke 3 years ago

    islamophobia gets more prevalent the further you get from a community where muslim americans live with other americans.

  • Profile picture of Jan Parrish
    Jan Parrish 3 years ago

    I have nothing against law abiding American Muslims.

  • Profile picture of Katie O'Rourke
    Katie O'Rourke 3 years ago

    muslim americans in nyc ARE law abiding. implying otherwise IS islamophobic..



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