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Denver's own Irish pub: The Irish Snug

Under the Snug
Under the Snug

Where were you this past Wednesday night? Or better yet, what will you be doing next Wednesday night? Well, for those after something other than a typical “at home” Wednesday night and in need of a boost to get through the work week hump, the correct answer is hanging out at The Irish Snug—Capitol Hill’s own Irish pub.

Established in 2004, The Snug has since become a well known feature along Colfax Avenue. As traditional as it is modern, this bar combines the old world feel of an Irish pub with the socialite vibe that drives the city after dark, and not a day goes by that something is not happening there. Boasting a fantastic (and free) jazz and swing show every Wednesday night, the Snug’s Gypsy Swing Revue has what you need to get over that midweek slump. If Wednesday is not your day, then check out their calendar of events; there you will find everything from regular Sunday brunches, to happy hour, to trivia nights, and even running clubs.

The Irish Snug lends itself to being a great place to start, continue, or end the night with happy hour everyday from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., a full menu, a fully stocked bar, and quite often with live music. Catch Brian Clancy there on a Saturday and you might also catch yourself singing along to Irish ballads and tunes that the whole bar gets in on. Provided with song books, everyone joins in the singing! They always have specials going on and they always have plenty of parking, which is a nice surprise for the area. Make sure to check out both upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs you find the fantastic snugs for which the bar is named; small little enclosed areas, traditional to Irish pubs, for more private drinking and conversations.

The Irish word for fun is craic—and you will certainly find it here--at 1201 East Colfax Avenue. So if you are a fan of the Irish, or simply out for something different and new, or seeking some insight to Denver’s bar scene, then come check out the Irish Snug!