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Denver Riot Fest moves to Sports Authority Field

Riot Fest announces new venue after being snubbed by Byers
Riot Fest announces new venue after being snubbed by Byers

Riot Fest organizers announced today that they will be moving the venue for the Denver version of their festival from Byers to Sports Authority at Mile High. The three day music showcase was originally scheduled for September 19-21 at May Farms near Byers, which is about 40 miles east of Denver.

Arapahoe County denied a permit to the organizers last week amid concerns of high traffic and a large influx of people to the small town. Riot Fest was expected to draw some 17,000 people to the town, whose population is under 1,000. The event had been expected to be an economic boon to Byers, but that wasn’t enough for many residents who didn’t want to see their community flooded with tourists.

Mike Petryshyn, one of the event’s organizers, was not happy with the decision by Arapahoe County. "Simply, we were duped," he said in a statement announcing the show’s new location. "Certain groups, residents and so forth did not want YOU or US in their town, and there is something morally dishonest and unforgivable with their actions. We have officially filed an appeal with Arapahoe County as of this morning and, needless to say, we are doing this because we are in the right. I cannot fathom that in 2014 certain social mores grounded in revulsion and irrationality, of course, by a limited howling few, can inflict such harm in a town or in a county. It’s disgusting and these people should feel ashamed.”

Although this event will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in Chicago this summer, this marks the second year for Riot Fest in Denver, and organizers have booked some fairly large names. Bands like The Cure, The Flaming Lips, Weezer, Wu-Tang Clan and dozens of others are slated to perform. Organizers have said that tickets that have already been purchased will be honored.

No camping will be allowed at the new venue, but refunds will be given for anybody who purchased camping tickets. They had expected over 2,000 campers at the Byers location. The dates will remain the same.

Tickets are available on their website, with single-day, two-day and three-day passes available.